Welcome To Moriches Shaolin Self Defense Center

Private lessons and group classes are available for students of all ages.  Group classes are organized both by age and ability level.  All group class programs allow for students to attend 2 classes per week.  A brief description of children's and adult programs as well as class times are outlined below.

Proudly serving the communities' martial arts needs for 17 years.


​Beginner classes for children are based around the five rules of our school: RESPECT, SELF-CONTROL, EFFORT, INTEGRITY and SELF-DISCIPLINE.  Students learn the basics of self-defense including blocking, striking, and escaping through exciting martial arts activities and drills.  Lessons are implemented using strategies and activities aimed at developing core strength, hand-eye coordination and balance.

As students progress to the intermediate and advanced levels they begin to explore the art of Shaolin Kempo Karate in greater depth.  Intermediate and advanced classes focus more on movements of various animals, most importantly the CRANE, TIGER, LEOPARD, SNAKE and DRAGON.  Students begin kickoxing and grappling as well as learning both weapons defenses and forms.


​Teen and adult programs are valuable to all ages and ability levels.  Whether you are looking to shed a few extra pounds or fight competitively in the ring, our teen and adult programs will satisfy your needs.  Classes include physical workouts aimed towards improving your endurance and self-esteem.

Beginning with basic self defense techniques classes aim at preparing the student for situations they may incur on a day to day basis.  Everything that is taught is based on how it is applicable in the real world.  Students learn to react without thought in "muslin" drills.

Classes also include kickboxing, submission grappling and weapons techniques.